Art Opening


April 1, 2015

In The Computer
Los Angeles, California

  1. It’s important that I set deadlines. It’s important that any of us set deadlines. It’s the only way to get anything done.
  3. I have issues with the current state of certain areas of the Art Market.
  4. I grew up playing these video games where one points-and-clicks to get from point A to point B.
  5. I see young artists (myself included) make work that looks great online but terrible in real life.
  6. I decided to make work that looks great online but doesn't exist (yet) in real life.
  8. I'm task-oriented. I like to have something to do.
  9. My father told me to always have something to fall back on. I do. Always.
  11. I'm tired of flooding my feeds with work constantly. So I'm putting everything in one place: In The Computer.
  13. In art, I want to keep the references to a minimum. Or have none at all. Very few.
  14. I'm reducing. I'm editing. I'm making my way through the world at my own pace.
  15. Right now, it [took] the form of an Art Opening at In The Computer on April First, 2015 from Sunup to Sundown.
  16. Subsequently, it will become another thing. A place to curate. A place to play. A place to fail.
  17. I'm not angry, but I am outraged.

"And art is the only arena left in American culture in which difference is tolerated. So, I really think it’s the last vestige… but what really scares me about Contemporary Art is the merging of it with the Entertainment Industry. Because, once the Entertainment Industry can produce fake resistance then you don’t have real resistance.” —Mike Kelley, 2004
“Art has to be a separate social entity. Especially in America. Since it’s such an anti-intellectual culture. It has to be a separate milieu that is purposely purposeless. It has to be. Otherwise it has no social function.” —Mike Kelley, 2004