Note Dump after The Deuce

My mistake

Four coffins

You have more _______

I have more hair

Who is doing what now

Who’s doing what now

Whose doing what now

IDK you tell me what it means

unpleasant things no one talks about

so very twentieth century of you

HUH list of shows zine

Christian Sex Workers




Anyone else use their left thumb to scroll

Super Crappy Dead Land

Doomed To 

Primary Source

Boring and Overdue

Art world got you down? Read comics, work on your attention span, become a TV addict, listen to hardcore music and grunge revival

Post nuclear but ancient too 

New Car Smell + Coconut

Please hold for my avatar

Fly with head explosion

“Let’s chat about my farts at therapy.”

Sell zines through words

Note Dump watching Baseketball

I just opened up the old cut

This city’s full of fake ass people like you, and fuck New York ’cause I’m over that too — HANK WOOD

And that’s how I got into Waylon Jennings

I miss Trailer Space

Sex starved daydreamer

I hate going to the bathroom

I hate washing my hands

And that’s how I got into Porno For Pyros

And that’s how I got into Jane’s Addiction

Cops Pulling Over Cops

Slow Punk


Make Tr*mp Fake Again

Glutton for Punishment

And that’s how I got into Catherine Wheel

I hate brushing

I hate flossing

Aunt Tiffany’s mouth

Who is cancelled

Don’t be a silly

I read the Mueller Report and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

Harm to ongoing matter

Alien Hatches

Lathe Each Sin

Just hanging out, playing Nintendo?

Just hanging out, playing Nintendo.

Note Dump watching The Invitation


DIY marshmallow test

Put Him Down Already

Bidet at a Falafel Restaurant

The Ultimate Evil cotton club murder

Kandinsky coffeehouse

Ambolux 3

Ms banh mi

Cam fusion Korean


Florida sex beast




Diarist Power Electronics

Confessional Power Electronics

Gonna bash us some fascists

Giant jpeg book

Jpeg collector

Everytime you have rich people, you have teachers fucking students 

– nhirsch

On a scale of one to ten, it wasn't so bad. – salyglas

World Wide Web



Social Media




People are more interesting from a distance

Birthday Brothers and Sisters

Danzig Glenn

Fosse Robert

Etchen Russell

Vega Alan

Kent Travis

McDormand Francis

Turing Alan

Blair Selma

Kinsey Alfred

Cash June Carter

Shelley Steve