Note Dump watching Baseketball

I just opened up the old cut

This city’s full of fake ass people like you, and fuck New York ’cause I’m over that too — HANK WOOD

And that’s how I got into Waylon Jennings

I miss Trailer Space

Sex starved daydreamer

I hate going to the bathroom

I hate washing my hands

And that’s how I got into Porno For Pyros

And that’s how I got into Jane’s Addiction

Cops Pulling Over Cops

Slow Punk


Make Tr*mp Fake Again

Glutton for Punishment

And that’s how I got into Catherine Wheel

I hate brushing

I hate flossing

Aunt Tiffany’s mouth

Who is cancelled

Don’t be a silly

I read the Mueller Report and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

Harm to ongoing matter

Alien Hatches

Lathe Each Sin

Just hanging out, playing Nintendo?

Just hanging out, playing Nintendo.