The F.R. Etchen Collection
Selected Works and More

916 Springdale Rd
Austin, Texas

May 18–June 8, 2013

Been collecting art for several years and I'd like to share some of it with you.

Works by Gordon Carver, Patrick Phipps, Conner O'Leary, Sue Scarbrough, Lane Hagood, Seth Alverson, Mikaylah Bowman, Tim Kerr, Justin Goldwater, Jesus Polanco, Matt Leines, Jenny Hart, Mark Flood, Jeremy DePrez, Devin Flynn, Johnny Ryan, Renee Lotenero, Kevin McNamee-Tweed, Cody Ledvina, AJ Liberto, Lauren Klotzman, OTIS IKE, Russell Etchen, Sam Sanford, Bruce Lee Webb, Michael Abelman, Jamie Panzer, Chris Cody, Jonathan Ryan Storm, Rich Jacobs, Sterling Allen, Michelle Devereux, Eric Pearce, Stefan Fitzgerald, Sean Somoheyl, Deth P. Sun, Ruth Van Beek, Will Gaynor, Mat Brinkman, Matt Lock, Travis Kent, Jonny Negron, Geoff Hippenstiel, Jim Woodring, John Porcellino, Michael Harwell, and Keith Wilson